Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get it up Revived ED Medication

Why Choose RevivED?

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common issue among males, but many avoid seeking treatment due to the embarrassing nature of the conversation. You can get treatment from the privacy of your home at a price that is usually half of what you would pay at your local pharmacy.
  • You will be treated by a licensed, board certified U.S. Physician.
  • FDA Approved Medication will be shipped by a licensed U.S. pharmacy and delivered discreetly to your home

What Happens If I am not Approved?

  • Simple. You will not be charged for your consultation.

Is this legal?

  • Yes. Using our telemedicine platform, our Physicians are able to interact with you remotely. Our physicians are licensed, U.S. doctors.

Is My Personal Information Safe?

  • Yes. Our Software Is HIPAA Compliant. That means your information is encrypted and stored with the highest security standards.

Is it Safe?

  • Yes. Similar to any Doctor’s appointment, we can only treat you safely if you are truthful and honest in your answers. Since we cannot verify the information you provide, it is extremely important that the information you give us is accurate. It is also important that you use the medication as prescribed and follow all instructions.

When Will my prescription be sent to the pharmacy?

  • Consultations during business hours will be sent the same day.
  • Any consultation after 5pm CST will be sent the next business day.

What are The Delivery Charges?

  • We provide Free Shipping via Fed-Ex on All ORDERS.

Will I be able to speak to a Physician?

  • If you have any questions or concerns, simply call our number. Our staff will schedule an appointment time for one of our physicians to consult with you.
  • Please note an additional service charge of $40 will apply for the consultation.

Who is this service for?

  • As this is not an in-person visit, our service is geared towards the relatively healthy male without several medical problems, or without a complex history. Remember, should your prescription be denied, it does not mean it is inappropriate for you. Please consult your regular physician to discuss your issue in greater detail.

Medications delivered to your home or pick up from your Local Pharmacy.

As low as $1.50 per pill if ordered through our preferred pharmacy.